5 Ways with Pure Jojoba Oil

MV is all about multi-functionality: why have a cupboard bursting with dozens of near-identical products when four versatile products can achieve better results? And when it comes to versatility, the undeniable star of the show is our all natural Pure Jojoba oil. Sourced to meet our uncompromising standards, MV Pure Jojoba Oil is certified organic, cold-pressed and of the highest quality we’ve encountered anywhere on earth. 


Jojoba oil has a plethora of uses - they don’t call it the ‘Swiss Army knife’ of skincare for no reason!  Here are five ways with Jojoba oil that you may not have tried…

  1. Eye treatment.  Jojoba oil makes an amazing eye makeup remover (here’s how) and a soothing under-eye treatment. It strengthens your eyelashes and eyebrow hair, resulting in less breakages and loss.

  2. Skin shield.  Jojoba can be used as a wonderful skin shield for anyone who has sensitive skin. It protects from the elements without creating a greasy, heavy film.

  3. A superfine, light moisturiser. If you have combination skin, oily skin, or you live in a hot humid climate, avoid heavy moisturisers. Lightweight, hydrating Jojoba oil is an excellent substitute.

  4. Customise your foundation. You don’t need three different foundations to achieve different coverage. Add a drop of Jojoba oil to your regular foundation to create a beautiful, sheer coverage which is perfect for day time.

  5. Travel tip.  Don’t leave home without your MV Pure Jojoba Oil! You can use it not only to super-hydrate your skin and protect it while flying, you can also line the inside of your nostril to help your nose from drying out while you're flying. Simply drip one drop to your little finger and gently rotate around the edge of your nostril.  You may get some odd looks from fellow passengers, but who really cares?

More about Jojoba oil 

Jojoba oil, as it turns out, is not actually an oil at all but a one-of-a-kind plant-based liquid wax. It’s extracted from the tough desert plant, Simmondsia chinensis, which grows in the southern USA and northern Mexico. First Nations Americans were the first to medicinally use the Jojoba plant by heating then crushing the seeds to create a rich salve which was used to nourish their skin and hair.  Today, the oil or wax is extracted from the seeds through cold-pressing, and it’s mainly used in personal care products in combination with other ingredients or as a standalone skin oil.

Jojoba oil has the unique ability to penetrate the skin deeply, bringing with it a payload of vitamins (including A,D and E) plus omegas. It also contains a number of natural fatty acids, each with their own benefit - from boosting immunity to encouraging the growth of hair, skin & nails.

Who should use it?

Due to its gentleness and unique compatibility with human skin, Jojoba oil can be used by literally anyone.  It’s a great choice at any age or stage, to help protect, hydrate and nourish your skin.

Having said that, if you have dry skin or acne-prone skin, our Pure Jojoba Oil is destined to be your new best friend! Because it’s more similar in structure to your skin’s own sebum than any other substance, Jojoba is suitable for all skin types.




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