An inspiring way to express self-care through weekly ritual. This wonderful mineral drink from the outside-in will transform your skin in the most gentle way possible. A game changer for those seeking a clear, soft, and refined complexion.


After completing steps 1- 4 of the 3 Minute Ritual…


1. Create a silky cream by blending 2 heaped teaspoons of pure powdered mask with fresh spring water into the hand-crafted ceramic mixing cup. To achieve the perfect creamy consistency, add the water very slowly, while blending.

2. Using feather soft brush strokes, glide this lush mask over the contours of your face avoiding brows, hairline, and lips.

3. Close your eyes - find inner stillness - and allow this mineral rich skin-drink to soothe, soften and refine.

4. Before the mask dries completely, hold a steamy compress cloth against your face to gently and thoroughly remove the mask, revealing a clear and refined complexion.

5. Finally, massage with your favourite MV treatment product/s. Or for the ultimate skin-loving experience, continue on with the 9 Oil Ritual for a truly radiant glow.


Maintenance programme: 1 x Mask Ritual weekly
Intensive programme: 3 x Mask Ritual weekly