Essential Oils As Potent Actives In Skin Therapy

Have you seen the latest video from Trinny Woodall raving about our Instant Revival Booster and how it truly does instantly revive? She describes the feeling of the product absorbing deeply, penetrating her skin. Well that’s because - it does!

Trinny isn’t a plant-based purist, she gives feedback from products that work for her, whether they be natural skincare or more traditional cosmeceuticals. This suits us perfectly, because MV is plant-powered skin therapy that is formulated for a truly therapeutic result (hence the name). Since 1999 we have proven that results-driven skincare isn’t exclusive to cosmeceuticals, and can be delivered in a gentle way that respects even the most sensitive skin.

We have long touted the benefits of using essential oils in appropriate doses for incredible skin results. MV products have been formulated to take advantage of these unique compounds, using their incredible therapeutic benefits to treat inflammation, heal acne, soothe eczema & dermatitis, reduce sensitivity, and encourage skin regeneration and repair, plus much more!

Volatile compounds in essential oils have demonstrated an array of applications including:

It is always interesting when new research explores some of the mechanisms by which they may exert these benefits -  and how the use of essential oil therapy in dermal science can have many functions. While some studies have already examined the efficacy of essential oils in dermal penetration enhancement, the latest (2020) comes from The Journal of Dermatology & Skin Science where researchers investigated the role of utilising essential oils to assist with the absorption of pharmaceutical drug therapy across the stratum corneum (outmost layer of the skin). 

Why is this important to dermal science?

Delivering compounds via the skin is a useful way to create a fast delivery into the bloodstream, bypassing the liver, and allowing for a constant concentration. Have you ever seen Voltaren or Nurofen as a topical cream in the pharmacy? These are some basic examples of transdermal drug delivery.

What did the researchers do?

They reviewed the existing evidence that studied the ability of various essential oils in assisting the transport of topical drugs into the bloodstream.

What happened?

They found essential oils were effective in enhancing absorption and offered a safer and non-toxic, non-irritating alternative to the current chemical enhancers. They noted that essential oils were able to only temporarily alter the stratum corneum, aiding transport of molecules, without causing permanent damage - and were readily excreted by the body. They also acknowledged the importance of using carrier oils and dilution in the safe use of essential oil therapy.

Insights & Observations for Holistic Skin Health

The stratum corneum functions as a protective barrier that prevents certain molecules penetrating the skin. Cosmeceutical companies are well aware of this structure that limits penetration of ‘active’ ingredients, and thus suggest the use of acids and chemical exfoliants to physically destroy the stratum corneum to aid the delivery of their active compounds into the deeper layers of the dermis -topical Vitamin C application is a classic example of this. The issue with destroying this layer is the resulting barrier-impairment that will aggravate and often CAUSE sensitivity, and be an irritant to inflammatory skin conditions. Which is bad news for those suffering;

  • sensitivity
  • eczema
  • dermatitis
  • acne
  • psoriasis

How the research and The MV Way are aligned

To holistically treat the skin we can still effectively provide skin-loving nutrients deep into the epidermis, and these new insights into how essential oil interact with the skin are further proof that plant-based skin therapy is absolutely effective. First and foremost, we advocate for supporting skin health. This means causing absolutely no damage, supporting the skins’ structure, and doing things in a gentle manner. Nothing harsh every happens at MV.We like to lean on the art of gentle compressing to softly slough away dead cells, to use safe and effective doses of therapeutic essential oils, and to utilise quality carrier oils from nourishing plants to synergistically support radiant skin health. 

Please feel free to reach out if we can assist you with personalised advice and support in achieving radiant, healthy skin - naturally.

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