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The only eight things you need

Lesley Thomas is strictly hand-luggage only. This is how she nails it.

Please stop making such a fuss about packing for a beach holiday. Haven’t budget airlines forced us to edit everything down? I know I’m not the only tightwad hand luggage-only traveller. Here’s my list: bikini, sarong, denim shorts, two big cotton shirts, pool slides, breathable trainers, three dresses (at least one of which is maxi), couple of cami-type tops, some kind of silky wide-leg trousers, some big earrings and that pair of incredible flats that never get a decent showing at home. I have found those mozzie repellent DEET-soaked wristbands you can buy on Amazon effective and space-saving.

It is the restriction on liquids that presents the greater packing challenge for me. If I’m going to be away for more than a few days, I usually buy a giant SPF50 sunscreen for the body airside, for this is not something we should deal with in small quantities. Everything else, I can squeeze into the little clear plastic bag, and maybe commander a bit of the allocations of my travelling companions (my kids) as well. Here’s what I’m taking this time.

The best aftersun for the face

MV Organic Skincare Instant Revival Booster. This teeny and quite pricey bottle goes a long way. Three holiday so far. I hope it hasn’t gone off. It’s a cocktail of oils that are nourishing and non-greasy: camellia, avocado and rosehip will usher on the holiday glow overnight and prevent long term skin damage.

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