How Skincare = SelfCare

Holding a warm, steamy compress cloth to your face and breathing to a slow count of five may not seem like a solution to the current times. Certainly, it isn’t a cure for COVID-19 or the havoc this pandemic has caused to life as we knew it.

But, when infused with consciousness and a sense of gratitude, your MV skincare routine can become therapy – a powerful daily ritual that nourishes and repairs skin, restores the spirit and provides an anchor point to these long days of social distancing.

For those of us struggling right now with feelings of anger, loneliness, hopelessness or despair, the MV ritual offers a twice-daily opportunity to come dynamically back to the present. An opportunity to express self-love and self-care.

For those coping with the pressures and madness of juggling work from home with caring for children or loved ones, the MV ritual offers a much-needed escape – a small but significant slice of ‘me time’ amid the sometimes overwhelming demands of others.

For those currently drawing on all their reserves to reimagine their business or business model, to pivot in their careers or support others as they struggle through job, business or personal losses, the MV ritual provides a powerful few minutes of calm and stability in what may feel like a daily rollercoaster of emotions.

We feel you. We’re with you.

These are unprecedented times. They demand patience, kindness, the best of us. They are also an opportunity. A chance to place more focus on what matters most: health and wellbeing. Your daily skincare routine can play a vital part.

Take a moment to reflect on how you care for your skin. The actual ritual of it. The attitude and feelings you attach to the exercise.

For many, skincare has become a personal battleground. A fraught exercise in looking in the mirror each day and not liking what they see. In a youth-obsessed world of Instagram filters and ‘instant’ beauty, it’s easy to focus on our flaws.

In commercial beauty, procedure is king – cleanse, tone, moisturise, repeat – and exfoliation has become its own kind of cult. The beauty industry is heavily invested in re-surfacing modalities such as acid peels, laser, dermabrasion and microdermabrasion. No doubt you’ve already seen ads on your social media for at-home versions of this kind of salon technology.

I’ve worked with so many clients with sensitive skin issues, and many more with issues that are a result of these kinds of harsh treatments. The skin on our face is more sensitive than almost any other part of the body and yet we tend not to question slathering it in chemicals or aggressively stripping it.

 As we strive desperately to fix the imperfections, we’ve lost touch with the fact our skin is one of the body’s most important organs and quite capable of renewing itself. We’ve also lost touch with the purpose of skincare, which is to care for and embrace ourselves, to heal. A perfect daily therapy for difficult times.

When I developed the MV range and my signature MV Radiance Therapy treatment, I wanted to transform the beauty experience to incorporate elements of aromatherapy, meditation and other healing modalities. All MV products are handcrafted from the best-quality ingredients with intention, care and love.

These are strong foundations you can build on to create your own daily skincare therapy. Be gentle. Be mindful. Create a daily ritual that nourishes and heals your skin and uplifts your soul.

  1. Take the MV 14-day ‘Return to Radiance’ mask challenge.
    Join our online community and discover the difference our active clay Signature MV mineral mask can make. Those new to our masks can make the most of our ‘Return to Radiance’ special offer.
  1. Make your daily cleanse gold standard.
    MV 9 Oil Cleansing Tonic was recently awarded gold in the UK Beauty Bible Awards. Add it as a step after your evening cleanse twice a week to clear congestion, boost hydration and leave your skin with a dewy glow.
  1. Protect your skin in the shower.
    One of my favourite tricks for sensitive skin. Smooth two drops of MV Pure Jojoba over your face before showering. This light but potent oil is fast-absorbing and works to calm sensitive skin and even out tone.
  1. De-stress with a spritz.
    For those moments when your inner calm has called it a day. Generously spritz our MV Rose Hydrating Mist over your face and inhale deeply. Great for hot summer days, too.
  1. Give yourself a helping hand.
    If constantly washing and sanitising has left your hands feeling worn and dry, restore them to pre-isolation glory with our simple Happy Hands Routine. Each night before bed, massage the skin and cuticles with MV Pure Jojoba for two minutes, then follow with two pumps of MV Hand Rescue. Make this your nightly ritual for 1 week and voila – happy hands!






'I have the most unbelievably sensitive skin in the world, so I love the Rose Moisturiser.

It's extra hydrating and smells of roses - which is heaven.'

Emma Watson