Ask Sharon: How do you manage skin breakouts when wearing a mask all day?

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Q; ‘How do you manage skin breakouts when wearing a mask all day?’

A: Mask wearing is a necessary new addition to our lives during COVID life, it is life-saving and vital – but not always a skin friendly exercise. So for those who are experiencing congestion from mask wearing, I would recommend; 

  1. If you are using disposable masks, replace them daily. Some materials or the chemicals they have been treated with may cause irritation so experiment with a few different types. If using a reusable one, wash it every night with a gentle and fragrance-free detergent, religiously. This will prevent bacteria from causing breakouts.

  2. The Signature Mask Ritual will be a god-send. Do this 3 x weekly for acute treatment. A gentle way to reduce inflammation, calm redness, and delicately decongest.

  3. Skip cosmetics and sunscreen on this area, give your skin a little break.


Sidenote: For those who are experiencing irritation, sensitivity, and aggravated dermatitis from mask wearing – Jojoba is your best friend. Use it as a barrier, and keep reapplying throughout the day to shield your skin.



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