~inhaling deeply~
Spritz face with our Rose Hydrating Mist then smooth one pump of Rose Moisturiser over face and neck with relaxed palms. 

To customise further, blend with a few drops of your favourite MV Skin Booster.

For combination and oily skins: simply blend half a pump of Rose Moisturiser together with our Rose Mist to create a light nurturing lotion.

The Difference Is In The Detail
Don't wear moisturiser to bed 🙅💤
Moisturisers are occlusive, meaning they sit atop the surface of the skin as a shield for daytime protection and to prevent moisture loss. In the evenings, allow your skin to regenerate an instead opt for one of our nourishing booster oils or our water based Native Power Serum.

Watch our 3 Minute Skin Ritual to get the most out of your Rose Duo products.