COVID Considerations


What a weird new world we are living in right now. 
As we continue to adapt how we live to the changing times, we have needed to remain flexible and open to new ways that will keep us all healthy, happy, and safe. 

On the topic of keeping you happy, it has become increasingly evident that this crisis has (understandably) wreaked havoc on international shipments, with far fewer overseas flights and heavy delays. Some of our international customers are waiting 6-8 weeks until their MV goodies arrive, if at all, and this just simply isn't good enough. We have processed numerous refunds for those who continue to wait, and for all the parcels that are lost out there under a mountain of packages in post offices and customs around the world. 

So, in the business of keeping you all happy and ensuring that our lovingly hand crafted products maintain their integrity and arrive in a pristine fresh condition, we have decided to temporarily cease all international orders while we are unable to guarantee their safe passage overseas. 

It's not all bad news though, we are SO PROUD of our international stockists and we are very considered when it comes to choosing these partners. So it is with 100% confidence that we direct you to find your favourite MV products from a destination closer to you. 

Have a look here to see if there are any MV Stockists in your territory.

In the meantime, we are always available to answer your skincare and product questions. We look forward to seeing this crisis come to a close and allow us to re-open international deliveries - bringing MV directly from our home and into yours.

Stay safe