The foundations of ritualistic self-care. 
Enjoy these precious moment every day to come back into your 'feeling' body, calm your nervous system, and nurture your skin.

1. Cleanse your eye area by placing 4 drops of Pure Jojoba across the centre of a damp cotton disc, holding for a slow-count-of-five before sweeping away. Repeat several times to gently cleanse and condition the lashes.

2. Half fill a sink/basin with warm to hot water. Smooth 1-2 pumps of Gentle Cream Cleanser onto dry (yes, dry) skin, then, with wet fingertips gently massage for no more than 15 seconds.

3. Immerse Compress Cloth into the water and wring tightly to create your steamy compress.

4. Hold compress against your face – inhaling deeply to find your inner stillness. Relax your shoulders. Breathe. Come back into your body. Wipe away with slow and deliberate movements. Re-immerse cloth and repeat compress 2-4 times to reveal a fresh, dewy complexion.

5. As your final step for a nourishing treatment, spritz with our Rose Hydrating Mist then – while the skin is still damp – apply your prescribed MV Treatment product, or simply smooth our Rose Moisturiser over your face and neck with relaxed palms.