Lotion Vs Cream

The product on the left is a lightweight lotion, sheer and protective, suitable for oily and congested complexions. It is perfect for those hot and humid summer days, and is designed for skin types who need a thin veil of lotion to prevent moisture loss, calm inflammation, balance breakouts, and protect the skin from pollution and environmental aggressors - all without any heaviness.

The product on the right is a rich and nurturing cream that calms barrier impaired complexions, smoothes the skin texture, and provides intensive hydration. It shields the skin in a protective layer, ensuring it remains plump and radiant, whilst also defending against environmental aggressors. Perfect for those who require a richer moisturiser, have more mature skin, or who work in climate-controlled environments.

Now here’s the PLOT TWIST….

They are both the exact same product!! BUT HOW?

Lotion Vs Cream

Because we believe in fuss-free skin solutions, and telling you the truth about skincare formulations. The truth is that lightweight lotions contain more water, giving them that lovely sheer consistency that oiler complexions crave. Richer, nurturing creams have less water, so they're thicker and can provide even more protection and hydration, loved by those with dry, dehydrated, or mature complexions.

It's as simple as that. All skin types benefit from reparative antioxidants, calming plant compounds, and a formula that works to enhance the skins ability to retain moisture, heal, and regenerate. The one variable is the consistency we require.
The issue with this is that it's even more complex than simply 'lotion' or 'cream'....what about something in between? Life is dynamic, so is our skin. One day you might be in need of a light lotion for your summer holiday, and the next day you're in an air-conditioned environment needing something more hydrating.
Our solution to this?


Both our moisturisers are concentrated* formulations and therefore give YOU the power to completely customise them. A bespoke moisturiser every day? That's exactly right!

*We can't stress this enough, these are concentrated creams loaded with therapeutic plant-actives. A little goes a long way and if you only require a lightweight lotion - lucky you - because used correctly, our moisturisers will last you a looooong time. 

Creating concentrated formulations is one of the many differences of MV. This allows us to be matter of fact with you about skincare, educating our customers on some of the marketing *faff* within the beauty industry. It also saves you money - and this is important to us. We want MV to be inclusive, and while our luxury ingredients and blending process are costly (small batch, handcrafted), we know that our products will last you. Finally, shipping concentrated formulas to all of our customers around the world is how we can be conscious of our carbon-footprint, reducing the amount of refill shipments we need to make. Win-win.


The way we're able to provide you with your own bespoke moisturiser is by blending an MV moisturiser with its companion product - meet, Rose Hydrating Mist. A multifunctional hydration enhancer that prepares the skin before application of EVERY MV product, ensuring that the therapeutic components are delivered into the skin (not just sitting on top). The Rose Otto used in this mist is the highest quality we have ever found in the world. The rose petals are steam distilled, without alcohol, so this is not a 'toner' and will not dry the skin - but instead deliver calmative compounds to soothe and hydrate. The Rose Hydrating Mist is used to spritz the skin before product application, to customise the consistency of MV moisturisers (see how below), and to reapply throughout the day to keep complexions calm, soothed, and plump. 

Lotion To Cream Customisation

Both MV Moisturisers are concentrated formulas, designed to be customised and adapted with the skins changing needs. Adjust the dose of Moisturiser with the amount of Rose Hydrating Mist, to create a tailor made consistency.

Here are two of our most popular customisations, but we encourage you to experiment with what your skin loves.

Lightweight Lotion
Dose 1/2 pump of moisturiser into the palm, then spritz 2-4 times with Rose Mist.

Rich Cream
Dose 1 full pump of moisturiser into the palm, then spritz 1-2 times with the Rose Mist.

For perfect application, we follow these principles:

  1. Prep
  2. Dose
  3. Spritz
  4. Blend
  5. Smooth


'I have the most unbelievably sensitive skin in the world, so I love the Rose Moisturiser.

It's extra hydrating and smells of roses - which is heaven.'

Emma Watson