Top Do's & Don'ts

How to get the most from your MV Organic Skincare Products

Gentle Cream Cleanser
  • DO apply to dry skin, then with wet fingertips, massage over the skin for 20-30 seconds to help soften and loosen any make-up, sun screen or grime.
  • DO hold a warm to hot, damp muslin cloth or face washer over your face for a long slow count of 5 before gently wiping away.
  • DO repeat hot compressing 2-4 times for optimal results. Perform this MV 3 Minute Skin Ritual correctly and you’ll feel like you’ve had a mini facial.

  • DO NOT take your cream cleanser into the shower and attempt to wash off with water. MV’s unique moisturising cleanser is designed to be removed with a warm steamy cloth. Compacted make-up and/or sunscreen cannot be removed effectively with a rich cream cleanser and running water.
  • DO NOT wet the skin before applying your cream cleanser. The cleanser will then slip over the surface, rather than grabbing make-up and grime.
  • DO NOT use more than 2-3 pumps as this product is concentrated.

9 Oil Cleansing Tonic
  • DO first surface cleanse with MV Gentle Cream Cleanser to remove make-up and grime.
  • DO massage over the skin for 1-2 minutes – concentrating on areas of congestion – before hot compressing to infuse any remaining oil.
  • DO use at night as both an intensive nourishing treatment and deep pore cleanser.
  • DO use 2-3 drops on clean skin before showering as this will protect your skin from the harsh drying effects of water and act as an aromatherapy treatment at the same time.

  • DO NOT use to remove make-up. This product is a secondary deep cleanser and antioxidant-rich tonic for your skin.
  • DO NOT use more than 8 drops to massage the face and neck. This product is super-concentrated so a little goes a long way.
  • DO NOT remove eye make-up with this product as the concentration of essential oils may irritate.
  • DO NOT use this product if you have super-sensitive skin.

Pure Jojoba
  • DO use a slightly damp make-up removal disc to place the jojoba on before cleansing your eyes. This will make the job of removing eye make-up quick and easy.
  • DO hold the damp make-up removal disc against the eye for a long slow count of 5 to help soften mascara and eye make-up, before gently wiping away.
  • DO use over the entire surface of the eye, including eye lids as jojoba is a perfect eye treatment for this delicate, fragile area.
  • DO use as a light fast absorbing moisturiser either on its own if combination-oily or under your moisturiser if dry, dehydrated or just feeling sensitive.

  • DO NOT apply directly to the eye area with fingertips if removing make-up. Fingertip application is only appropriate when using the Pure Jojoba as an eye moisturiser. *It is a super-hydrator for this delicate area.
  • DO NOT rub vigorously back and forth.
  • DO NOT use any more than one drop to moisturise both eyes. A little goes a long way.
  • DO NOT remove with dry cotton balls or tissue – this is too scratchy on the delicate eye area.

Rose Soothing Moisturiser
  • DO spritz with Rose Hydrating Mist or spring/filter water before applying half a pump of your MV Moisturiser. You will only use a small amount and what you do use will penetrate more deeply for greater efficacy and longer lasting hydration.
  • DO apply a second layer of Rose Moisturiser to dry skin once initial application has absorbed when a) you want create the perfect make-up base for even flawless make-up or b) when outdoors in severe weather conditions eg if surfing, sailing or skiing.
  • DO always use your relaxed flat palms as your blending and application tool. This is a far more nurturing and kind way to apply your moisturiser.
  • DO use to protect your skin during the day from dehydration and against the harmful effects of chemical-based sun-screen, make-up and pollution.

  • DO NOT use one full pump for face application. If you continually use too much this will result in residual cream sitting on your skin, leaving you feeling greasy. It will also over-burden your skin and inhibit the skin’s normal functions.
  • DO NOT apply inside the circle of the eye as this rich concentrated cream is not suitable for the delicate tissue in this area.
  • DO NOT rub into the skin with your fingertips. This is not the most effective way to apply your MV Moisturiser and /or MV Skin Booster. To view this technique, view our 3 Min Skin Ritual.
  • DO NOT use at night. Moisturisers are protective. We need protection through the day, but at night we need an oil-based treatment.
MV Boosters
  • DO use at night as a treatment oil.
  • DO blend with MV Rose S&P Moisturiser to more specifically customise this cream to your skin type and condition.

  • DO NOT use too close to the inner circle of the eye as this may cause puffiness and/or irritation.
  • DO NOT blend any of MV’s three Skin Boosters with MV Oxygen Moisturiser. The essential oil blends of all three Boosters do not compliment the essential oils in this moisturiser.
MV Mineral Masks
  • DO blend this mask with spring or filter water - never tap water.
  • DO remove this mask while it is still damp.
  • DO use 1-2 x weekly to soften and strengthen the skin, to gently exfoliate and to improve skin tone and texture.
  • DO remember to blend to a smooth creamy or yoghurt-like consistency for optimal results. If this mask is too runny it will dry too quickly and if it is too thick it will difficult to apply.

  • DO NOT blend this mask with tap water.
  • DO NOT allow this mask to dry completely.
  • DO NOT apply too close to the hairline or brows.
  • DO NOT mix/blend with your fingers. This is too time-consuming and messy. Instead use the MV mask brush for quick and easy blending and application.