For those who don't know, MV's inception back in 1999 arose when a client of mine presented with a severe petrochemical burn (from a very pedestrian skincare brand). This incident forced me to tirelessly research, it led me to be appalled by the industry and standards, and it forced me to find a solution to her problem. After much formulating research and exploration into the science of plant medicine, I developed a product that healed her skin, and fatefully led to the creation of MV Skintherapy.

Today, MV continues to provide sensitive skin solutions to the ongoing modern day afflictions of the environment, and the aggressive tactics of the beauty industry.


For those who suffer from mild, moderate, acute, or chronic sensitivity, I have created an educational e-book full of resources that will calm and transform sensitive skin, the MV way. 
You will learn:

  • What 'really' is sensitivity.
  • The difference between sensitive & sensitised skin.
  • Common misconceptions about sensitivity.
  • Symptoms, risks, and aggravating factors for sensitive skin.
  • The true underlying cause of sensitivity.
  • How to treat sensitive skin.
  • My Top Tips for Sensitivity.
  • A simple 2 phase Sensitivity Program, with detailed steps for how to use MV products to de-sensitise and strengthen even the most sensitive skin.




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