Our Enviro Ethos

Everything related to the environment, sustainability and issues that concern the longevity of our planet elicit such an overwhelming response from each of us who work at MV.

You may (or may not) know,
 that our cute little warehouse is based on the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia. This is where (since 1999) we handcraft all of our artisanal products in only the smallest batches, plant-powered ingredients, and with love. The area is a peninsula of breathtaking natural beauty surrounded by the rich tapestry of the wild Australian coastline. From a young age at school we are taught to be aware and mindful of the way in which we interact with the world around us, and of the fragility of our surrounding ecosystem that requires our wholehearted commitment to protect. 

What we forget, however, is that this innate consideration is not the case for everyone and certainly not the case for a number of businesses. Being environmentally ethical is natural to us (excuse the pun), there is simply no other way to be. 

At MV, we proudly describe our range and our business as sustainable, and it’s a label - and a promise - we take seriously.  This doesn't mean every single aspect of our business passes the perfect ‘zero impact’ test, it means that we’ve considered the environmental implications of all aspects of our business, and chosen the least impactful, best practice we’re able to within our own particular circumstances.

Here are some of the ways we consider our impact and are mindful of our practices.

Concentrated Formulas

This is one of the most important points to communicate, because it really is so rare and we consider it our point of difference. Since inception, MV formulations were created with the intention to be CONCENTRATED and never diluted or greenwashed with organic ingredients for marketing gain.

Of course, the benefits of this are multi-factorial and ultimately result in our customers using less product, customising the dosage, and spending less money. The positive impact on the environment means that you purchase less frequently, we ship less frequently, and everyone wins.

Multi-Purpose Products

Less is More. In principle and in practice. One of the ways we promote mindful (and honest) consumerism is via the creation and promotion of multi-purpose products. You don't need a special 'eye cream', you don't need to buy a lotion for oily skin, and a rich cream for dehydrated skin. We've created formulas that are easily customisable and have the ability to be multi-functional, treating numerous skin types, conditions, and purposes. 
By honouring the power of multi-purpose and by keeping things simple, you're only buying what you need, your environmental footprint is reduced, and you're avoiding soul-draining 'fad thinking' when it comes to caring for your skin!

These are some of our favourite multi-purpose heroes, but please feel free to reach out if you need help getting the most from your products.

Recyclable & Lightweight Packaging

Opting for primarily aluminium bottles over glass was no accident. Glass bottles are lovely - but boy are they heavy! We ship products to you so it's important to reduce the wastage from breakage, packing protection, and weight of our freight shipments. Aluminium is perfect for us because it's safe & food grade (coated with an inert resin lining), and while it's not only lightweight it's also 100% recyclable as a 'closed loop' product. Which means that it can be recycled infinitely! On the contrary, glass recycling requires larger amounts of energy and it is actually a very cheap technology to create new virgin glass, so many manufacturers do not see recycled glass projects as economically attractive and less glass tends to be recycled for industrial purposes. 

Recycling aluminium uses only 5% of the initial
energy and only 5% of the greenhouse gases. It is for this reason that approximately 75% of the aluminium ever produced is still in use today!



We aim for zero waste within our business practices and have partnered with a fantastic charity, Every Little Bit Helps. They receive skincare donations and send care packages to the homeless, asylum seekers and victims of Domestic Violence as well as troubled youths through Women’s Refuge, Homeless Shelters, Youth Centres, Asylum Centres and Community Centres as well as via small Government and Community Groups. 


100% Biodegradable Packaging 'Peanuts'

Have you noticed those funny 'lil peanuts in your order? These are actually bio-fill and manufactured (in Australia) from renewable resources that are made from 100% corn and potato starch. They break down completely and are compostable too, in-fact they can actually improve the soil structure of your garden. Yipeee. Don't have a compost? That's fine, just add them to your garbage and they'll disintegrate with no residue.


Recycled & Recyclable Paper Boxes

We only box some of our products, and these are 100% recyclable.
The boxes we purchase are also made from recycled paper. 
Currently they're 76% recycled but we're always researching to find ones with an even higher percentage of recycled material whilst still maintaining the quality we need. Watch this space.

Eco Bubblewrap

Only where needed, we use an eco bubble manufactured from a plant based material. The breakdown process is activated by UV light (a renewable resource) and will ultimately biodegrade into CO2, H2O and biomass when discarded - whether it ends up in landfill or another part of the waste stream.

Reuse, Reuse, Reuse

This one is MAJOR. Waste is only waste, when it becomes.....well, waste.
We all need to reuse as MUCH AS POSSIBLE in our everyday lives, and this is something really and truly practiced around the office every.single.day.
Boxes we receive goods in are repurposed for stockist orders, we reuse all of the backing from the labelling stickers as bulky packaging filler, we make notebooks from scrap paper, we up-cycle containers, we make our own cleaning products, we share recipes and leftovers.
The list is exhaustive, trust us- we care, in a big way.