1. Marie Kondo your fridge/wardrobe/life
You may not roll your socks the way Marie does, but there’s no doubt a half-day of de-cluttering is good for the soul. Follow her philosophy of only keeping the things that truly spark joy.

2. Sign up for an online course
Use the time you used to spend on your commute skilling up for your next career move. Most universities offer online degrees and short courses, or start with something less intense. MV’s resident nutrition and health expert Charli recommends browsing Coursera’s free courses.

3. Take Sharon’s Eat Happy Cooking Challenge
Catch up with MV’s fun series on our Instagram stories. Join Sharon in her kitchen to whip up 4 of her favourite recipes from celebrity chef and MV fan Melissa Hemsley’s Eat Happy cookbook.

4. Spend a night at the opera/ballet/museum
Will the wonders of the internet ever cease? Thanks to technology (and a generous arts industry that’s been crippled by COVID-19) you can now enjoy some of the world’s finest art and artists from the comfort of your home. Take a virtual tour of the Frida Kahlo museum in Mexico; get up close with masters at Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum; tune into the Sydney Opera House’s digital season; or spend a night with the Australian Ballet, who is currently streaming their 2020 program free.