What is Acne?

Acne is a skin condition caused by changes in your sebaceous glands (oil glands) where plugs form in skin follicles and either create blackheads or whiteheads. Both types of plugs can develop further and become swollen, inflamed pimples or, in severe cases, deep nodules or cysts.

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Conventional Acne Treatments

Many of the conventional medical and over-the-counter acne treatments available are harsh and sensitising, so MV has developed a gentle approach to help manage this frustrating condition. Follow the MV 3 Minute Skin Ritual to help de-sensitise, decongest and balance the skin.



Cleanse with Gentle Cream Cleanser, removing with a steamy muslin cloth or face washer.

Moisturise V1

Immediately after cleansing, spritz with Rose Hydrating Mist. Then, while skin is still damp, follow with 2 drops of Pure Jojoba and/or Rose Plus Booster. On normal to dry areas you can then follow with half a pump of Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser.

Moisturise V2

Immediately after cleansing, spritz with Rose Hydrating Mist. Then, while skin is still damp, massage half a pump of Native Power Serum over the face until completely absorbed and follow with 2 drops of Pure Jojoba and/or Rose Plus Booster. On normal to dry areas you can then follow with half a pump of Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser.

Where the skin is oily with some dry areas, use only a very small amount of moisturiser blended with a few pumps of Rose Hydrating Mist to create a light lotion.



Repeat the morning cleansing routine then, while the skin is still damp, follow with the Pure Jojoba or the 9 Oil Cleansing Tonic* as your night treatment.

For mature hormonally imbalanced or acne-prone skins, MV’s Rose Plus Booster can be extremely beneficial.


*Where there is no hyper-sensitivity, you may introduce the 9 Oil Cleansing Tonic as a decongesting, deep cleansing, balancing and energising treatment 3-4 times weekly.

MV’s Signature Mineral Mask is wonderful for acne-sufferers, as it is softening, soothing, strengthening and decongesting. Plus, it helps speed healing, so is ideal for breakouts.

Once you have used one full sachet of the Signature Mineral Mask to soften, decongest and address any sensitivity, you may then introduce the Purifying & Balancing Mineral Mask.

The Purifying & Balancing Mineral Mask is most effective for acne when alternated with MV’s Signature Mineral Mask.

Watch the MV Mask Ritual video for correct application and removal tips.

NB: Always patch test a newly introduced product first and, if irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Symptoms of Acne Include:
  • Open commodones or blackheads
  • Closed commodones or whiteheads
  • Pustules
  • Papules
  • Nodules
  • Cysts
Typical Progression of Pubescent Acne

Common acne in teenagers starts with an increase in hormone production. During puberty, both males and females produce high levels of androgens, the male sex hormones that include testosterone. Testosterone signals the body to produce more sebum, resulting in excessive sebum which may clog the opening to hair follicles.

Bacteria grow in these clogged follicles, resulting in blackhead or whiteheads, also known as commodones. Sometimes, this clogging causes the follicle wall to break under the pressure of this build up. The sebum then leaks into nearby tissue and forms a pustule or a papule and this is called inflammatory acne.

Sharon's Key Tips

MV Skintherapy's creator Sharon McGlinchey shares her key tips for both young and mature skins with acne.

1. Avoid splashing your face with water either at the sink or in the shower. In particular, avoid using foaming cleansers and exfoliants as they can strip our protective barrier, compromise the delicate microbiome and cause micro-trauma on a daily basis. This then sensitizes the skin and stimulates oil production as a protective response to stripping away the skin’s natural protection.

2. Use a warm compress cloth to cleanse.

3. Always protect your skin with a few drops of Pure Jojoba before showering.

4. Watch the MV 3 Minute Skin Ritual to get the very most from your MV products.

5. Watch the MV 3 Minute Mask Ritual to familiarise yourself with correct mask consistency, application and removal.

6. Always start with MV’s Signature Mineral Mask and use one full packet to first soften and desensitise the skin before moving on to the stronger and more active Purifying & Balancing Mineral Mask.

7. DO NOT allow a mineral mask to dry completely, this will draw moisture from the surface of the skin resulting in dehydration and irritation.

8. Visit an experienced beauty therapist if you have stubborn congestion including blackheads. The removal of compacted blackheads minimises the appearance of open pores and improves self esteem.


1. Avoid products containing alcohol.

2. Avoid squeezing red, angry pustules.

3. Avoid processed and refined foods.

4. Avoid excessive amounts of sugar.

5. Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.

6. Eat more of the ‘good oils’ found in fish, avocado, nuts and organic cold pressed plant oils. and avoid the ‘bad oils’.

7. Avoid deep-fried foods.

8. Book an appointment with a Nutritionist or Naturopath who can help you achieve optimal gut function, which in turn will help improve your skin.

Causes of Acne:

Although common in adolescence, acne can affect people of all ages. Teenage acne usually lasts between 5 and 10 years and is more common in males. Adult acne is more common in women and can continue into their thirties and beyond.

The causes are not fully understood but it is more likely that heredity and hormones are behind most forms of acne.

  • Enlarged sebaceous glands and increased sebum production
  • Hormonal activity
  • Genetics
  • Stress
  • Exposure to certain ingredients in personal care products
  • A high GI or high carbohydrate diet
  • Underlying health conditions
  • *Contraceptive pill and IUD (birth control device)

*Depending on the type of pill, oral contraceptives may trigger acne in some women but suppress it in others. Some injectable contraceptives and intrauterine birth control devices (IUD) may also cause acne.