Byrdie Australian Beauty Secrets

5 Australian Beauty Secrets You Never Knew You Needed

Like the traditional French approach to beauty, Australians tend to have an enviably effortless approach to beauty. They’ve perfected beachy hair, minimal makeup and glowy, sun-kissed skin. But although it may seem like they’ve just come back from a day at the beach, the truth is there’s a lot that goes into their beauty routine. “People think Aussies are really laid-back about beauty, which I don’t believe is true,” shares Frank Body’s co-founder, Jess Hatzis. “I think we put a lot of effort into it, but in less obvious ways.” For instance, like K-beauty devotees, Aussies favour facials, a healthy complexion and protecting skin from sun damage above all else. Byrdie AU editor Lisa Patulny adds that when your skincare routine does all of the heavy lifting, you could go minimal on the makeup. Keep scrolling for more Aussie skincare, makeup and hair secrets you’ll want to make note of.

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Natural skincare is also favoured among Aussies. “Jojoba oil and tea tree oil solve everything,” says Jasmine Garnsworthy, owner of The Buff. “Australians know nature’s got the answer to most problems—breakouts, wrinkles and dry skin included. We turn to jojoba oil, which is widely farmed in Australia, to moisturise and hydrate our skin, and swear it’s the best answer to acne scars, tired skin and breakouts—particularly when mixed with tea tree oil, a native plant that’s super antiseptic. Together, jojoba and tea tree oil make a powerful, natural blend that won’t clog pores, and can help manage breakouts while also hydrating and softening the skin.”

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