What Is It?

A treatment protocol I have developed over 30 years of experience working as a skin therapist. 

The Rosacea Challenge is a simple yet effective 1 month guide that will focus on calming inflammation, reducing redness and breakouts, strengthening the delicate skin-barrier, and providing ongoing daily protection.

I've had great success using this method, and I am confident that you will too. In this free guide I will share some Rosacea wisdoms, as well as my personal Rosacea treatment protocol 'The Rosacea Challenge'. This outlines daily & weekly steps that will not only transform your skin, but introduce you to the art of ritual & selfcare, every day.

Need An Incentive?

I am so confident in your results that every single person who participates in this challenge will receive a $20 MV Voucher, with the best transformation receiving a $500 MV Voucher! 

How To Participate

  • Take a 'before' photo of your skin, with extra attention to your most troublesome areas.
  • Complete the 1 month Rosacea Protocol.
  • Take an 'after' photo that follows the same style as the 'before' shots.
  • Finally, let us know how you went via the button below.

You Will Need

  • The Radiance Starter Kit contains every product you'll need to participate in the challenge - available here.
  • Download the free Rosacea Challenge e-book for full outline of ritual.

Redeeming Your Voucher

Finished the one month challenge and ready to claim you $20 Voucher, as well as go into the draw to win a $500 Voucher?


Click the button below.

*NB: This button will only be activated from May 2022, exactly one month after the Rosacea Challenge has commenced.